Crowns vs. Large Fillings: What’s the Best Option?

If your visit to a dentist in Murfreesboro has confirmed that your tooth is damaged or decayed, you need to take action to address the problem. Large fillings and crowns are both potential treatments for these types of dental problems, and while they both can be used to make repairs, the procedures are not the same. Compared to large fillings, crowns have a number of key benefits, making them the better option overall for most people. Read on to find out why.

Crowns vs. Fillings

A crown is a ceramic or porcelain cap that is placed over an existing tooth to protect and cover it. With fillings, a Murfreesboro dentist uses a composite resin or metal to fill in cracks and decay. The rest of the tooth remains exposed.

The Advantages of Crowns

For large areas of decay or damage, crowns offer a number of advantages over fillings, including:

  • Better protection. Crowns cover a weakened tooth completely, helping to prevent further damage over time, so that you are less likely to need additional work.
  • More versatility. Crowns can be used when very little of the natural tooth remains. Fillings have more limitations.
  • Stronger finished results. When properly placed by an experienced dentist, crowns are much stronger than fillings and less likely to come loose and require repairs.
  • More natural function. With a crown, normal chewing function is restored. Fillings can alter the shape of the tooth and negatively impact chewing.

The Traditional Crown Placement Process

Traditional crowns involve a multi-step process that takes two visits. During the first visit, the dentist takes an impression of your mouth and then sends the mold away to a lab to have a permanent crown made. Then, the tooth is prepared for the crown and a temporary prosthetic is put in place. When your crown is ready, you’ll return to the dentist to have it permanently fastened with a strong adhesive.

Single Visit Crowns

CREC technology, offered at Blackman Grove Dental in Murfreesboro, has made it possible for our dentists to create and place permanent crowns in a single visit. Using a computer aided manufacturing system, our team can design a high quality ceramic custom crown to fit your tooth without having to make an impression or place a temporary crown. This revolutionary treatment is convenient and allows you to address decay or damage sooner.

With the latest CREC single visit crown technology and experience repairing and restoring teeth suffering from severe decay and damage, Blackman Grove Dental can help you fix your smile in the best possible way.

Call our Murfreesboro dentists today to learn more about crowns, fillings and restorative dentistry.